A new mandatory speed limiter?

July 22, 2022
Mobility insurance

What you need to know about the new mandatory speed limiter "ISA"

As of July 6, 2022, speed limiters, which were previously optional, are now mandatory for all new vehicles produced to encourage efforts to combat speeding, reduce traffic accidents and improve road safety.

What you need to know about this new system:

A system requested by the European Commission  

As the last reports on road safety did not yield the expected results, and as serious accidents are still unfortunately numerous on UE roads (c.23,000 deaths c.120,000 injuries each year*), the European Commission has decided to fight against this lack of safety and to standardize measures at European level.

As part of its "Vision Zero" campaign, the commission has committed to making the introduction of an Intelligent Speed Assist System (ISA) - an automatic speed limiter - mandatory. This system will initially apply to new vehicle models produced from July 6, 2022, and then in 2024 to all new vehicles.

An automatic but "stopable" system

This intelligent speed adaptation system is automatically activated when the vehicle started up to help the driver comply with speed limits.

ISA can detect speed limits by detecting road signs using on-board cameras, or by using the vehicle GPS.

If the speed limit is exceeded, ISA warns the driver by triggering a visual, audible or sensory alert (by vibrating the steering wheel), but also by automatically decelerating the vehicle.
However, it is important to remember that this deceleration, like with other prevention systems, remains a driving aid and can be deactivated and neutralized by the driver whenever he or she wishes.  

An impact on mobility insurance, in line with Datafolio's mission for a democratized safety.

Among the reasons that justify this system, there is of course the human cost of road accidents, but also the very high economic cost that represents about 2% of the annual GDP.

To face this, individuals must continue to protect themselves against unforeseen events by means of appropriate mobility insurance. To this end, the European Parliament "calls on private insurers to offer attractive motor insurance when purchasing and using a vehicle that meets the highest safety standards".

At Datafolio, we are in line with this fundamental need for safety, and we believe that it should be further encouraged and universalized by granting, an immediate reduction of the insurance premium, in real-time, to every driver(with or without a new vehicle) who makes the road safer thanks to his behavior and his caution.

How can we guarantee this?

Thanks to a ground breaking technology and powerful AI algorithms, Datafolio offers a mobile application that insures each person in real-time, km by km, and according to his or her exposure to risks: the price per kilometer takes into account driving behavior, speed, type of road, and weather conditions....

To go even further in the democratization of insurance and security, with a single contract Datafolio allows everyone to be insured for all their means of transportation (car, motorcycle, scooter, bike, scooter), avoiding paying several insurance premiums for each type of mobility. And this need to be properly covered for all forms of mobility is becoming increasingly important as serious accidents involving motorized two-wheelers have risen sharply in the last three years.

What if this was an everyday insurer?
One that encourages you to be careful to protect yourself and your family and gives you the ability to go where you want, when you want, and how you want, with peace of mind.

*:EU Road Safety Policy Framework for the Decade of Action 2021-2030 -Recommendations for the next steps of the Vision Zero campaign.

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